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Legacy by PayRoo

The holo was just one of many out of the stack Finn taken from the Resistance records storeroom to supplement his thus far rather one-sided historical education, but his eyes were drawn as if by tractor beam to the tiny lettering printed on the side.

CT-7567 - that sounded like a stormtrooper designation. And below that - CC-2224. CT-5555.

Clone troopers. To hear the First Order tell it, they had been an ideal to strive towards and exceed, the perfect soldiers who had ushered in the Empire thanks to their absolute obedience and uniformity.

But when Finn booted up the holo, he saw the faces of individual men, and to his surprise,
names. Rex. Cody. Fives. Echo. Tup. Kix. Jesse. The list ran on and on. He saw a dizzying range of tattoos, elaborate painted designs on armor, intricate patterns shaved into hair - even the tilt of one clone’s eyebrows set him apart from the furrow of his brother’s, a playful twist of the lips here against a harder line of determination there.

Finn didn’t know how many hours passed as he sat riveted by the holo-record. Despite the cruel circumstances of their creation, the clones had risen above being the emotionless tools they were intended as, had minds and hearts that refused to be reduced to mere organs. One had even come close to unmasking the vast conspiracy behind the rise of Palpatine. A pawn, rising against the chessmaster. And though the clone, no, the man (
Fives, Finn burned the name deep into his memory) had ultimately failed, reading about how he defied everything he knew so he could fight for what was right set something to steel in Finn’s chest.

He raised his fingers to pass through the projection, as if he could absorb it into his very self like the tattoos that marked so many of the men. Finn would not let those names be forgotten.

Rendevous by PayRoo
I... totally forgot that I had a deviantart. Hi again...
I've been completely consumed by Star Wars for the last 3 months. My specific obsessive interest has come full circle.

I’m opening up 3 slots for sketch commissions! By sketch i mean done in a loose painterly way with no lineart.

[sample 1] || [sample 2]
  • Base: 25 USD for one character (can be head, bust, or full body) with minimal or no background, at least 800x800 pixels @ 300 dpi
  • Additional characters: 10 USD each
  • Email me at mpayroo @ gmail
  • Paypal only please, payment up front before I start

I can draw either fandom characters or OCs, anything as long as there’s visual reference handy. Light NSFW is ok. Contact me for any questions!

Thanks for reading this!

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